Special Needs Issues 

Government benefits

Maintaining eligibility for government benefits is crucial for those incapable of substantial gainful activity.  Without such benefits, a person can be left without health insurance or any income.  Spain, Spain & Varnet assists its clients to maintain or regain eligibility for these benefits.

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Special Needs Estate Planning

Contemplating death is difficult for many people and as a result, estate planning is often postponed with the thought that they are too young, or their estate too small to consider planning.  For those with a disabled family member, lack of planning for even small estates can have a devastating effect, resulting in the loss of government benefits.

Spain, Spain & Varnet P.C. has been assisting families create the estate plan which best fits their needs for over 25 years.  The most common document created to protect a disabled child’s benefits is a special needs trust.  Depending on the child’s needs, this trust can then be used to pay for activities, amenities, home care or even a home.  With proper planning, your disabled family member can fully utilize the public resources available to him or her and maintain a quality standard of living once you are no longer able to care for him or her.

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Parents of a child with disabilities face a difficult decision when their child turns 18.  For some, it is obvious that their child cannot make informed decisions, so a guardianship is necessary.  For others, the decision is not as clear, and imposing a guardianship on an adult can be limiting for those who feel capable of making some of their own decisions.  Spain, Spain & Varnet regularly represents clients in guardianship matters and consults on alternatives which protect your child’s interests, while allowing them some freedoms a guardianship would not.

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