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Estate Planning

Much of what the average person hears regarding estate planning pertains to the very wealthy, which can lead to the assumption that planning is not necessary for them.  This assumption can create many headaches for survivors of those who die without having planned. Creating an estate plan gives you control over how your assets will be administered after your death, and allows you to address any issue that may be unique to your situation. With no will in place, upon death the government will decide how to divide the property in even the smallest estates, and the court will appoint an administrator of their choosing, not the deceased’s.

Spain, Spain & Varnet advises clients on what planning tools may be necessary based on the size of their estate and what they are hoping to accomplish.  From a basic will to more complex trust instruments, our attorneys can assist in creating a plan to suit your needs.

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Special Needs Issues
Government benefits

Maintaining eligibility for government benefits is crucial for those incapable of substantial gainful activity. Without them, a person can be left without health insurance or any income. Spain, Spain & Varnet assists their clients to maintain or regain eligibility for these benefits.

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Special Needs Estate Planning

Contemplating death is difficult for many people and as a result, estate planning is often postponed with the thought that they are too young, or their estate too small to consider planning. For those with a disabled family member, lack of planning for even small estates can have a devastating effect, resulting in the loss of government benefits.

Spain, Spain & Varnet P.C. has been assisting families create the estate plan which best fits their needs for over 25 years. The most common document created to protect a disabled child’s benefits is a special needs trust. Depending on your needs, this trust can then be used to pay for activities, amenities, home care or even a home. With proper planning, your disabled family member can fully utilize the public resources available to them and maintain a quality standard of living once you are no longer able to care for them.

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Parents of disabled children face a difficult decision when their child turns 18. For some, it is obvious that their child cannot make informed decisions, so a guardianship is necessary. For others, the decision is not as clear, and imposing a guardianship on an adult can be limiting for those who do feel capable of making some of their own decisions. Spain, Spain & Varnet regularly represents clients in guardianship matters and consults on alternatives which protect your child’s interests, while allowing them some freedoms a guardianship would not.

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Real Estate

Buying and/or selling a home can be a stressful experience whether you’re a first-time buyer or have gone through the process multiple times. Spain, Spain & Varnet P.C. has extensive experience in residential real estate, handling hundreds of transactions per year, on average. Having multiple attorneys familiar with real estate law means we are able to handle any matters that come up in a timely matter, and there is almost always someone in the office who can address any emergency.
Spain Spain & Varnet charges a flat fee for all residential transactions. The fee includes contract review, attorney review and inspection periods, coordinating mortgage contingencies for buyers, and attending your closing.

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