To our clients, colleagues and friends:
We write to you with the exciting news of the next phase of our practice. At the outset, be assured that this is not to advise of our retirement – although many of you have asked if that is on the near horizon (it is not). Rather, we are excited (and invigorated) to announce that Spain, Spain & Varnet P.C. (all of it – attorneys and staff) are now a part of the venerable firm of Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP, a law firm founded in Cleveland 100 years ago, with additional offices in Chicago, Columbus, Fort Myers, Naples and San Diego. You will find more details about the firm on the pages enclosed. I also encourage you to review the website at


To be clear, the now 33-year old entity of Spain, Spain & Varnet P.C is no longer, but the “firm” continues to be available to serve your needs as a part of the Chicago office of Hahn Loeser. The advantages of the transition cannot be overstated:

  • Additional resources for our clients in the expanded locations and practice areas afforded by the new firm;
  • A plan for continuity of services supported by a firm with more than 135 attorneys and a proven track record of over 100 years;
  • The benefits of a “smaller” firm within a larger firm (while we hope to grow our practice over the coming years, the Chicago office where your needs will be served is the same group of professionals who have handled matters for you these past three decades)


Welcome to what we are confident will be a seamless and productive continuation of the services we have offered as Spain, Spain & Varnet P.C. Welcome to Hahn Loeser.


Very Truly yours,
Richard C. Spain, Partner
Nancy M. Spain, Partner